The power of time

How minimalism was the catalyst behind LifePockets

Minimalism can afford a plethora of lifestyle improvements. It can provide clarity, focus and a new direction. For us, minimalism had the power to create time.

Time to think. Time to reassess and time to reconsider our values and our priorities. Did we want to continue on our existing life path, or did we want to deviate and explore new adventures?

Pre-minimalism, we did not have neither the luxury nor the insight to ask ourselves these simple questions. Chasing pleasure in the form of our next purchase, our next notification, or in our next pay rise, our life was predominately focused inwards on ourselves. Our acts of generosity were few and far between and we never experienced true happiness generated by doing something for others.

Post-minimalism, our outlook is outward. We’re now grateful for the possessions we do own and we’re no longer unhappy with the material products we should own. Our goal is to help people and our reward is happiness. You see, as Dr Robert Lusting eloquently describes; happiness and pleasure are not the same. Pleasure is taking while happiness is giving. Pleasure is short-lived while happiness is long-lived.

Our goals and values are also aligned with our outward viewpoint; how can we help people? How can we share the positive changes we’ve experienced which all started out by becoming minimalists?

Minimalism created time to not only ask ourselves what we wanted to do with our lives’ but also changed the way we viewed our diet, our lifestyle, our mental, physical and emotional health.

We have now used the luxury of time to create LifePockets, a free app that offers activities that can be completed at home, without equipment and in 20 minutes or less. Our activities help your mind to stay calm, your body to feel energised and your heart to feel happy.

The goal of LifePockets is to help people improve their mind, body and heart health without having to change existing lifestyle commitments. We truly understand the value of time and we want to help those that may not have time as a luxury to experience the benefits a calmer mind, an active body and a happier heart can bring.

Minimalism was the catalyst for us to create LifePockets, we now hope LifePockets becomes your catalyst to becoming a healthier you.

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