Our Story

LifePockets has been created by myself and my wife who live in Nottingham, UK.

Our story started in 2017 having watched Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things. As the credits rolled, we began to re-assess our values and what we wanted to achieve in life. As the months passed, we made positive lifestyle changes which included placing more focus on our diet, fitness, mental wellbeing and helping others.

We soon realised that all experiences in life, no matter how large or small, are amplified when we’re feeling happy, healthy and less stressed.

2020 App Idea & Development

Like many, the worldwide lockdown provided us with many challenges. We found that our anxiety began to rise, our fitness levels slowly reduced and our general wellbeing was beginning to suffer.

We knew that we weren’t alone and so we began to adopt simple activities that we could perform at home to help us feel happier, less anxious and improve our fitness.

Performing these activities daily immediately helped us feel calmer and happier and so we began to share them with our family. Watching our parents laugh and feel more energised after performing exercises such as our Quick HIIT Workout made us realise we could share these activities with more people. So that’s what we decided to do. We began to build our own app that would provide the ability for others to experience the benefits we’ve experienced ourselves.

We recognise that existing lifestyle commitments can not always be changed or moved so we specifically created our activities to be achieved at home and within 20 minutes or less. We want to ensure our activities can be performed by people of all abilities and that they cover both mental, body and heart health.

We hope you enjoy our app.