Our Activities

Our activities have been specifically designed to be incorporated into your daily routine. Our goal is to help your mind feel calm, your body feel energised and your heart feel happy. We’ve created specific activities that can all be completed at home, without equipment and in less than 20 minutes.

Activities range from beginner to advanced so there’s an activity for everyone.

Calming Activities

Mindful Tea

Enjoy your favourite hot drink with a mindful practise

Cooling Meditation

Use the power of breathing to help cool your mind

Anchor Meditation

Enjoy a guided meditation that focuses on breathing

Box Breathing

A simple technique that can bring instant calm

Energising Activities

Beginner HIIT 5

Enjoy raising your heart rate with this high intensity workout

Beginner Yoga Poses

Try a series of yoga poses to help flex and strengthen your muscles

Quick Ab Workout

Target your abdominal muscles with this quick activity

Push-up Challenge

See how many push-ups you can perform – there’s 3 types in total

Happiness Activities

The Happy Mantra

Spend 1 minute repeating a positive mantra to yourself

Natural Observation

Use this activity to reconnect your heart back with nature

The Happy List

Focus on a loved one and list 5 ways they make you happy

Positive Appreciation

Appreciate 3 things in your life for their positive impact