Cooling Meditation

2 min

This breathing exercise helps to cool your mind and your body which is helpful when you’re experiencing symptoms of stress, anxiety or worry.

Let’s Start

  • 01
    Sit in a comfortable position with your back straight and bring your focus to your breath.
  • 02
    Protrude your tongue out from your mouth and curl the sides together making it into the shape of a straw. If you’re unable to fully curl your tongue, a small curl will also work.
  • 03
    Slowly breathe in through your mouth making a slight hissing sound until your lungs feel full. You should feel the sensation of the cold air caressing your tongue.
  • 04
    Exhale slowly through your nostrils until your lungs are empty. Repeat this breathing process.
  • Tip
    If you need to relax your tongue at any point please do so and re-curl it when ready.