Mindful Tea

5 min

This sensory activity draws your focus and awareness to the sounds, temperature, colour and delicate taste of tea. Green tea is our favourite but you can use any drink of your choice.

Let’s Start

  • 01
    Have your mug, spoon and tea bag ready. Fill and boil your kettle.
  • 02
    As the water boils, listen and become aware of the various sounds. Notice the direction and flow of steam coming from the kettle.
  • 03
    Slowly pour the water into your mug and notice how the tea bag rises. Bring your awareness to the water and how the colour changes as it blends with the tea.
  • 04
    While waiting for your tea to finish, focus on your breath and take 10 deep breaths in and out through your nose.
  • 05
    Relax and enjoy your tea.
  • Tip
    If you want to extend this practise, slowly sip each mouthful observing the smell and delicate taste of your tea.