Natural Observation

3-5 min

This happiness activity is as simple as it is powerful. It has been designed to re-connect us to the beauty of nature and our natural environment.

Let’s Start

  • 01
    Choose an object from nature such as a butterfly, a bird, a tree or a house plant. Now relax and focus on this object like you have never seen it before.
  • 02
    Use your eyes to explore all aspects of its shape, form and beauty. E.g. if you’ve picked a plant, explore how the leaves move in the gentle breeze or notice how some stems may be smooth while others may be in the latter part of their life cycle.
  • 03
    Now consider the role of your chosen object and how it connects to everything around it in the natural world or home environment.
  • 04
    When ready, perform this observation for 3-5 mins or a time of your choice.